There Was a Crooked Man Therapy 

I have over ten years in education, training, and therapy service including an Associates of Sciences Degree in Neuromuscular Therapy from Northwest Georgia awarded in May of 2009.

My training consists of:

  •  St. John's Techniques by Paul St. John, LMT., CINT.
  • American Techniques of Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue Massage, Whiplash Therapy Treatment, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ-D) by Judith (Walker) Delany, LMT.
  • Active/Passive Isolation Stretching by Aaron L. Mattes, MS., RKT., LMT. as taught by Joshua Morton, LMT, Master AISS, MMLT.  
  • European Technique and Osteopathic/Sports Massage including Ice and Heat Massage Therapies by Leon Chaitow, ND., DO.
  • Passive Fascial Restoration by Deborah Bruce, CMT, RMT, NCBTMB.
  • Classic/Swedish Massage Techniques by Johan Georg Mezger.
  • ​Craniosacral Therapy by William  Garner Sutherland.
  • ​Postural Intergration  by Jack Painter. 
  • Structural Integration, Kinesis Myofascial Integration, and Rolfing by Dr. Ida P. Rolf.
  •  Zollinger Body Systems Method of Reflexology for the Hands and the Foot by Roz Zollinger, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Regional Director of National Association of Holistic Therapies.
  • Migraine Treatment Specialist by Rick Bates, LMT., Hands On Healing Center. 
  • Manual Ligament Therapy for Lumbar, Hips, and Knees by  Arik Gohl as taught by Joshua Morton, LMT, Master AISS, MMLT.
  • ​​Full Body Manual Lymph Drainage-Protocols for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies by Drs. Emil and Estrid Vodder's Techniques for Manual Lymph Drainage from Therapists Hildegard, Dieter, Andreas, and Maria Wittlinger from The Wittlinger Therapy Center, Walchsee, Austria as taught by Juul Bruin, MA, RN, LMBT.